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Y5-51 Series Boiler Induced Draft Fan

Product Description

Product Parameters

  • Application: suitable for boiler,induced draft fan system, mine, papermaking exhausting system.

  • The impeller: 500 ~ 2200 mm

  • Airvolume range: 2000-270000 m3/h

  • Pressure range: 6000 pa

  • Working temperature: - 20 °C ~ 250 °C

  • Driving mode: C, D

Product Characteristics

  • With single suction,backward of monoblock type blades impeller have good aerodynamic performance and reliability of smooth operation.

  • High strength wear-resistant impeller anti-leaking bearing box.

  • Transmission part group consists of main shaft, bearing box, rolling bearing, pulley or coupling, etc.

  • Inlet and outlet flexible joints,dampers.

  • Inlet valve, bearing temperaure and vibration dective sensers,impeller cleaning nozzle are optional.


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