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SWF Series Mixed Flow

Product Description


Purpose: factoty workshop to exhaust.

The impeller diameter: 400 ~ 1500 mm

Air volume range: 3000-90000 m3/h

Pressure range: 1500 pa

Working temperature: -20°C~60°C

Driver: motor direct drive


※ Thin plate type, oblique flow impeller with large air volume, high pressure, high efficiency, etc.

※ This series fan's pressure is higher than axial flow fan, fan flow is bigger than centrifugal fan.

※ Single speed or double speed type can be selected based on practical needs,different needs can reached by ajusting installing blades’angle,number of blades and/or rotating speed.

※ The fan impeller can be made by carbon steel mold, welding forming, dynamic balance can be G2.5 level.

※ Carbon steel fan will be sandblasted before two-coating epoxy painting,to ensure the anti-corrosion ability.

※ Inlet and outlet flexible joints, dampers are optional.

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