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HTFC Series Air Supply Unit

Product Description

Product Parameters

  • Purpose: papermaking workshop air supply

  • The impeller diameter: 200 - 1400 mm

  • Air volume range: 1000-250000 m3/h

  • Pressure range: 2000 pa

  • Working temperature: - 20°C ~ 60°C

  • Driving mode: belt straight league

Product Characteristics

※ Forwars multi blades or backwards high efficiency centrifugal fan equipped according to wark condition.

※ Framework uses the high strength aluminum alloy mortise and tenon joint structure design,strong and the maintenance is convenient.

※ Enclosure plate belt design for heat preservation, and ensure the minimum clearance between frames, in order to prevent air leakage.

※ Motor, bearings, triangle belt brand can be chosen according to customer's different demands.

※ Units can be configured to filter, noise elimination and other functions, to meet the needs of different functions.

※ Outlet direction, according to actual needs, a variety of angles to choose.

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