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4-73-13D Series Ventilating Fan

Product Description

Product Parameters

  • Application: suitable for boiler, induced draft fan system, paper making,

  • Chemical industry, coating and other occasions, induced draft fan system.

  • The impeller directly: 800 ~3150 mm

  • Air volume range: 10000-870000 m3/h

  • Pressure range: 6000 pa

  • Working temperature: -20℃~250℃

  • Driving mode: A,B,C,D,F

Product Characteristics

※ With single suction, back ward wing type of the centrifugal impeller, has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.

※ Adopt high-effciency streamlined design of the spiral case, more aerodynamic.

※ Casing inlet is equipped with high efficient convergence streamlined inlet,which makes the air can be within the scope of the flow channel width of uniform distribution.

※ Fan drive group in No8~16th adopt the whole cylinder bearing box; No18 ~ 28 consists of two independent pillow bearing box. oil lubrication bearing box is equipped with oil level indicator. High temperature fan is water or oil cooling bearing box.

※ According to the requirement No. 20-31.5, is F type transmission, No. 8 - 29.5 is D transmission, other small specifications of the fan can be designed into A, B, C drive.

※ Casing side shaft end, set the seal assembly, effectively prevent air leakage, high temperature fans eqipps casting aluminum cooling disc.

※ Inlet and outlet flexible joints,dampers.

※ Inlet valve,bearing temperature and vibration dective sensers,impeller cleaning nozzle are optional.

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